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Diamond Doorway Multi-Dimensional

Energy Healing Workshop

Sunday October 6th@10 to 5pm.

In the workshop you will learn to:

Access multi-dimensions through specific techniques that create connection trough all time and space.

Ancestral and Generational healing.

Learn to shift time-lines breaking patterns, belief systems, karma and pain.

Tracing wounds and patterns to root issues from this life,  birth and the womb to past lives.

How to connect to information from pre-life contacts,  karma and gifts that you brought to this life.

Greater connection and awareness with your higher self.

Lorina Quigley has been an Energy Healer since 1991. Is a Usui  Reiki Master, Karuna Key Master Teacher.  And many other energy healing techniques. She has direct past life memory of being an energy healer in Atlantis where the main technique you will learn is from.

This will be a very powerful workshop. It will up your level of ability as a energy healer.

Light snacks will be provided.

We will break for lunch.

Cost $275

50$ deposit will hold your reservation.

For more information call Lorina Quigley at 917-202-3289.

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