Recently some of friends and I went to a place that had many antiques in it. When we walked through the door, my clairsentient friends and myself, were exposed immediately to all the energies that the antiques contained. We could feel so many of the emotions and feelings from these objects. The reason we could feel the energy is that objects can contain “residual energy” from the person that owned it. Residual energy is a piece of remaining energy left behind. To demonstrate, when you use your hairbrush each day, you are placing your energy on the object, which is the hairbrush in this case. Your energy gets absorbed into that object with each use. When we have items such as antiques that are passed down from generations or are in antique stores, the objects can contain this type of energy. Sometimes this energy can be very gentle and good, think of the object being of your loving grandmothers and her energy. Then in other cases, the object could hold residual energy that is very negative as well. Remember it depends on who owned the item and the environment in which it was in too! As a clairsentient person, I am able to easily feel and detect if the energy is loving or negative. If I pick up an item at an antique store and my stomach starts to turn I know immediately that there is some negative energy with that item. Sometimes people that are “clairvoyant” are able to see who to see who the original owner was that had that item. In this case, they can find out what that item’s energy contains too.  The question I get asked is if one does not have these abilities, how would you be able to tell what energy the object contains?  The best advice I can give is that if you are given an antique or purchasing one, I would ALWAYS “sage” the object before it would come in your home or environment. This way you are not bringing in anyone else’s energy into your world. This includes your loved ones objects as well! I tell clients, I doesn’t matter if your grandmother had this piece of jewelry for years, you don’t know if someone else wore it and has their energy now on it! The reason this is so important is that if an object does have negative energy on it, you are able to get rid of it before it can bring negativity in your home. This type of negativity could be bringing in sickness, tension, lower vibrations, yucky feelings or even the object could contain a negative attachment from an entity. Finally, antiques may contain residual energy on them and it is important to make sure you take the proper precautions before you bring that item into your environment. Saging the item ensures that the old residual energy will be removed.  Antiques are beautiful items to own but make sure they are clean and clear of any type of energies so you will be protected!