The past few weeks have been a bit difficult for me, as I have had a slew of negative energy surround me and my business. I am sure you are wondering; how does this happen? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes it is because your energy is low and you come in contact with lower energies. This can happen when we are tired or not feeling the best. Other times it can happen when people may be upset, angry or jealous and they send that energy is your way. Think of this as a telephone call and you just pick up the receiver and you got a download of it! Then another way can be a “lesson” from the Universe for you to combat the negative energy. For me, it was a combination of all three of these! Trust me, it was a trying few weeks, but I know I passed the lesson, here is how I did it! The first incident of negative energies that was being sent to me came from an acquaintance. This person has been going through some tough times and was upset that her business had been dwindling. Again, it is our “thoughts using the laws of attraction” that we put out to the Universe so she was putting this energy to the Universe. She was angry about her business and took it out on me because mine was flourishing. What she did was sent a “download” of negative energy to me, basically thinking negative thoughts and then sent this to me. Now this could have been done consciously or unconsciously, however it was still sent. It was like a telephone call, is the best way I can describe it. Out of the blue I was thinking of her or someone would say her name, and “bam” more of the negative stuff was surrounding me. I also had some of my friends feel the energy and saw a picture of a knife in my back that they energetically removed. In order to combat this, I asked the Angels to send anything she sent to me from the downloads and send it back to her with love. Then I took an Epson salt bath and saged myself of the “gunk.” This dissipated and I felt immediately better. The second incident came a week later, I had someone write negative reviews regarding my business. I had 2 of them that were fake reviews from someone(s) that had negative energy(s). What I did was report the reviews to this particular site, and one was removed however the other one they could not be removed because I couldn’t prove that it was fake. So, what I did was ask for Spiritual guidance and called in Archangel Gabriel. I asked him to help me write a spiritual response to this person that wrote this fake review. The response noted that I that I questioned the authenticity and that my business is about helping others and being in service. This was posted on the site for everyone to see. Once I sent that off, the person immediately removed the review of my site! The third incident came a day later, with another negative review! What?! I was like Universe, seriously? I just don’t receive negative reviews, so this was extremely out of the norm! Again, I knew I that this was a lesson for me. Would I allow this to hinder me, or will I speak my truth and let go of the opinions of others? Now this review was from a real client and he was upset that the timing for a job didn’t happen in the time-frame I gave him. He wanted to share his viewpoint on information I told him, which has not come to pass yet and he felt it was incorrect. What I was told from spirit was is he hasn’t been manifesting to his potential and is just “believing” it is going to happen and not doing the work! Remember, you need to put “action” with believing and trusting to manifest what you want! He also was bringing in fear, doubt, and worry which was cancelling out the path or doorway which was open. I knew this was a test from the Universe, and I was told to look at his other reviews he gave and guess what? They all were for other psychics from different areas around the country, and he gave them all negative reviews too! He was upset that none of the information came to fruition that was told to him.  I always tell clients, I can give you the information on the doors that are open, it is up to you to walk through them. In other words, you have to manifest what you are wanting, to walk through the doors. After I saw this, I told the Universe I understand the lesson and I am going to send him love, as well as, ask the Angels to help him open his eyes up to manifest in this job that he is blocking. My lesson was to allow for his opinion, however even though it was negative. I was not going to let this upset me as I trust what Spirit gives to me. I asked Archangel Gabriel to assist in writing a Spiritual response back. I then asked the Universe to help me release this lesson so I can move on. What transpired from this was that, I shared this story with a class I was teaching that week, along with a client on the funky week I had. Then guess what happened? A few of them wrote the most beautiful reviews for me out of the kindness of their hearts! I was so blessed! So, the next time you are having negative energy creep up or surround you, decipher what the message is and use your tools! Remember, will you pass the lesson or will the lesson take a hold of you!