I wanted to do another blog on manifesting money as many people continue to ask me about this. So I thought I could put some of my blogs that I have wrote regarding money into this blog. So here are some ways to manifest more money!

  1. Use the Affirmation at the back of the “Manifesting Money” blog. I use this daily and money always comes to me as I truly believe the Universe has my back.
  2. Look at the blog “Power Codes” and read the one under Abundance which is point 4 in that blog. Evoke the power code for financial abundance!
  3. Read the blog that talks about chanting for money called “HAR for prosperity.” This blog helps you bring in money easily with chanting and its super simple
  4. Another way to bring in money is read the blog on “Vision Boards.” You can bring in money by putting this on a board and seeing it daily.
  5. The last thing that I tell clients is to do this quick and easy way of making a heart with paper. Cut up a small heart the size of a quarter from a piece of green paper. On one side of the heart put a dollar sign, then on the other side of the heart put an infinity symbol (it looks like a sideways eight). Then put this in your wallet. What it does is that it tells the Universe that money comes lovingly, free flowing and infinitely in and out of your wallet.

Lastly, by using some of the methods, this will help you bring manifest money into your life easier. Remember you need to think positive, trust and believe that the Universe is also helping you to bring in money too. With these steps and positive thinking, you will start to see more money come into your life!