I wanted to give an update on  my blog about my cousin who was gravely ill with Covid. It took a few more weeks after I blogged about her having this, but she has survived Covid. It was a touch and go for several of those weeks. Doctors told the family she was not alive, and brain dead. Then we heard other things that she was not going to make it, however that was not the case. Her soul decided to come back to Earth and want to live life! It was like the character in the Soul movie I talked about in the previous blog. My cousin has a way\ to go to fully recover from this illness, but she is determined to do it. She is going to be able to speak soon and is completely off the ventilator now. The family is so happy and blessed that she fought so hard to combat this illness. I want to thank all the clients that reached out to me about her! Please know that if your loved one is suffering from Covid and is on a ventilator, do not give up! With my cousin and a few other friends, it takes about a month for the lungs to combat this if they are on a ventilator is what we discovered from each of them. Remember it is the soul of the person deciding if they want to stay on Earth or go to the Other side. However, for the people watching this, continue to pray about this and tell them that you want them here on Earth with you! This does work, trust me, my cousin woke up knowing this!

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Terri is a lifelong learner of the metaphysical arts and has earned certificates from: UK Academy of Mediumship, Centre of Excellence, The Psychic Senses, Love and Light Events, Ltd., and The Voice of Spirit in Evidential Mediumship. As well as, the Morris Pratt Institute which include: Mediumship, Healing, and Ministry. In addition, she is a Life Coach, Reiki Master and Ordained Minister. Terri continues to grow and develop her intuition, as well as, her clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance abilities. She also enjoys sharing what she has learned to others, through her teaching and writing, so they too, can forge their own spiritual path.

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