Have you been having the feeling or worry that you are not safe? Why is it that we sometimes feel this way? Often than not, it is because we are worrying about things we cannot control and this leads to attracting more negative vibrations! I always tell clients what YOU THINK about is what YOU GET! So if you are worrying about not being safe, well then you are going to NOT BE SAFE! It is as simple as that! In order to become safe, STOP the worry and change your thought process! Now being “safe” can be several things, here are some examples: Being secure in one’s home, worried that your kids are safe, do I have enough money for my retirement, or if you might want to invest in something and you are wondering if you are going to be “safe” and protected by doing this venture.

I hear clients say to me “it’s not that easy to stop worrying!”  Well I have to disagree, as I USED to be a worrywart, however I changed that years ago! I realized that I could not control the outcome of everything, so there was no point of me worrying. I also realized that I did have another “tool” I could use to alleviate the worry about being safe! The tool was calling in Archangel Michael when I was feeling unsafe. You can read about the different Archangels in my blog Archangels 101.” Michael is the most powerful Archangel and assists us with being SAFE! He is always omnipresent and is available to assist anyone at any time! All you have to do is call upon him and ask him to protect you and make you feel safe. It is that easy!

Remember we have angels everywhere that are ready to assist us. It is up to YOU to call upon them to help you in any situation! So the next time you are not feeling safe, what are you going to do?  For me, that’s an easy one, “Archangel Michael, I need you to assist me please!”