As humans, we all have different stories to our lives. We come from different backgrounds, families, cultures, environments, religions, wealth etc. These different backgrounds shape us as individuals on our paths. No person is the same, even if we grow up together or are twins! We all have different paths on our journeys. Within our paths, we do end up creating a “story” of our lives. What I mean by “story” is there is something that has shaped you into who you are as an individual. This can be good or bad, however it has shaped you. Many times, this story might have happened to you as a child and from it which led you to where you are now.

To demonstrate, I had a rough childhood which included, child abuse, alcoholic parent, and a house that had many negative ghosts and energy, from a parent that brought this energy in. This shaped me into who I am today. Over the years I have helped others with their pasts involving child abuse. This has made me not close to my parents, which is OKAY, but the BLESSING was they taught me what NOT to do and became my greatest teachers. I also help others and use angels and the divine to help others too, which is the white light. All these things that I experienced, led me to the journey that I am on now and THIS is my story! My story has helped me help others on their paths, and I am a better person because of this story. As well as, by me telling my story, this helps to also HEAL me too! The more I talk about my story, the more I heal and that is another blessing too!

So, look at what you have experienced on your path, what is your story? This could be something health related, poverty, racism, family issues, drugs, relationships or love etc. It could be anything that has shaped you on this path. Once you reevaluate it, see how it has put you on the road today. Now I want to point out that sometimes our stories can be negative like mine, HOWEVER, no matter if it is negative, it is YOU that needs to figure out how to turn it around to be a positive influence in your life! Remember it is your responsibility to do your path, no matter of what influences you encounter! I always say, will this DEFINE you or PROPEL you? It is your choice, which story will YOU write!