As I sit on an airplane waiting to take off, I am filled with “worry” so I thought this would be a good blog to write about!  Why am I worried? Well my plane has been delayed and I am worried that I am going to miss my connection! UGH! We all have been there, filled with small things like missing a flight or bigger things like trying to figure out how to pay your bills. Why do people worry? Our mind is constantly thinking of millions of thoughts every day. With so many thoughts, no wonder why some might be fear based, judgmental or worry! These types of thoughts are negative and contribute to lowering your vibration!

How Do We Stop Worrying?

I always tell my clients it starts with YOU! When you realize that you are worrying or having some type of negative thought, change it to become positive! I like to say “cancel, cancel, cancel!” The reason I do this is because I always say “thoughts have wings!” No matter if they are good or bad thoughts, the Universe still hears them! By “cancelling” that thought, I can replace it with a positive one! I also wrote a blog regarding this called The  Thoughts Using the Laws of Attraction.” Again, what you think is what you “attract” in your life.  I do want to point out that it is normal to have negative thoughts as we are all human!  However you don’t have to “believe” those thoughts! Remember your mind is a tool for your body to help discern information. We all have had those negative thoughts such as “you are too fat” or “you are not good enough.” When we start to hear this little voice that says negative things such as these, stop and cancel these thoughts and change them into a thought that is positive. One other thing I like to do when I am worrying is “Call in the Angels.”I did this while I have been typing this blog! I asked the Angels to help the plane take off and that I would make my connection! What this actually did was to help me to let go of the worry and gave it to the Angels to help instead! This releases worry and allows for the negative thought to vanish! It also helps to take away the thought of trying to “control a situation” and puts it in the Angels hands to take care of too! Finally as I am about to land, my worry has dissipated! I am going to have just enough time to make my connection for my other flight! My worry was for nothing!  The blessing of this was I was able to write this blog so that you too can release your worry and negative thoughts too! Remember drop the worry, control or negative thoughts and allow for those positive thoughts to just flow in!