Have you had a reading and you just didn’t feel it resonated with you? Did you feel like it didn’t make sense to you? Did you feel like it didn’t answer the question that you wanted to be answered? If so, there are a few reasons why this may have happened. Knowing some of the reasons below, will help you to understand the message that was given, so that you can resonate with it.

  1. Expectations- You might be expecting to hear what “you want to hear.” This happens when the information is different than what you think it is and what is revealed doesn’t connect with your thinking.
  2. Lessons- An answer may not be giving or revealed during a reading because it is a lesson that you need to uncover yourself. Also, sometimes the information is not meant to be revealed, due to timing of the lesson or divine timing.
  3. Futuristic Information– Many times, I give clients information that will happen in the future and this information does not make sense at that point in their lives.
  4. Not Being Open to the Message– Sometimes a person is not open to the message that is being given. This happens when they are closed or blocked to the information that is provided. The person listens to the information, but does not “hear” the information.
  5. Information that You Need to Hear– The Universe gives you information that you need to hear and not what you want to hear. When this happens, the Universe steps in to help guide you in other areas that might help you now. Remember, they can see a bird’s eye view of what is up ahead and helping you on that path.