Today I wanted to blog about the deity Ganesh who is an Ascended Master. Ganesh is represented as a Hindu mythological elephant and symbolizes “taking away obstacles” from people’s lives. The name Ganesh is a Sanskirt word broken into 2 words, “gana” means “group” and “isha” meaning “lord.” Ganesh is considered a deep spiritual being that helps to assist us. The background story of how Ganesh was created involved Mother Pavarit and Lord Shiva, her husband.  Pavariti created a boy out of dirt to guard her home while she bathed. Lord Shiva came home and demanded the boy to let him into the house but the boy refused. He was upset and ultimately cut off the boys head off. When Pavariti found out what happened she was devastated. Lord Shiva wanted to alleviate her pain so he made his troops go out and find the first living being that they came across and retrieve the head. This turned out to be an elephant calf which was then placed on the boy to restore his life. When you look at Ganesh there are certain features that symbolize different things. Here is a list below on some of the symbolizations.

  1. Big Head- Think Big/Much Wisdom.
  2. Large Ears- Listen more intently.
  3. Small Eyes- Concentrate more.
  4. Small Mouth- Talk Less!
  5. Trunk-Be Adaptable.
  6. One Tusk- Keep what is good and throw away what is bad.
  7. Big Stomach- Digest all good and bad peacefully in life/ Acceptance.

The next time you might have obstacles that you need to remove, look at a picture of Ganesh and see what symbol of him that stands out to you. That symbol might be the key to solving your issue!