I have had many people ask me what they can do during this time of social distancing. There are many things that we can do to make a difference. Remember we are all One and you need to share your love and vibrations with others. Also know that this is a great time for Mother Earth to heal too. Here are some things that YOU can do to help your community and the world.

  1. Stay Positive!- I know that this time has brought so much fear to the masses however, stay positive and put that vibration out to others and the world.
  2. Let go of FEAR! – When you bring in fear and/ or are around others that are fearful you are brought down to this low vibration. You need to bring your vibration up and think of LOVE. Love is the opposite of fear and it will bring in love and positivity to you and others.
  3. Get off Social Media- If you have had lots of fear stay off social media in order to not bring you down more.
  4. Stay Grounded- Remember to ground yourself during this time so you stay in the positive and love vibration. If you don’t know how to ground, get outside and put your feet in the grass, hug a tree, eating grounding foods that are growing in the dirt of the earth or use crystals to ground.
  5. Be of Service- Ask others in your family or community if they need help or maybe they need groceries. Be of service to others and that raises your vibration and theirs.
  6. Give Gratitude’s- Thank the Universe for what you DO HAVE! During this time, it is making us realize what is of importance.
  7. Sending Out Loving Thoughts- You can think loving thoughts, pray or speak them out loud, it is all the same in my book. By putting those thoughts out there you are making a ripple in the world.
  8. Get Outside- Sometimes if you can shake the fear or feelings, get outside and breath in the fresh air! Feel the sun on your face! Enjoy the moment. This is another way to help you ground too! Remember if you are positive and in that love vibration you are helping others to be positive too!
  9. Be Kind to Others- Thank people, be generous, show others how you treat them so they will do the same.
  10. Share What You Have with Others- Share what you have if food, paper supplies, watching someone’s kids, just support! Be there for others as we are in this together.
  11. Clear Self- Sage yourself, take an Epsom salt bath or use crystals. Again, being a high vibration in order to show and help others be positive and well too.
  12. Send out Reiki- If you are a Reiki certified, send out reiki to your family, friends and the world. It all will help to raise the vibration of the world.
  13. Ask the Angels to Help- Ask the angels to help others raise their vibrations and be in the love mode.