I had a friend send me a link from pyschickarina.com to find out what kind of psychic I was. I thought this was interesting, so I wanted to share it. The basis of this is comes from Astrology and where Neptune is in your chart when you were born. Neptune reveals information about your spiritual side. Look and see if yours resonates with you just like mine did for me!

The Love Psychic- (January 1, 1945 to December 24, 1955)

Intuitive, Gut Feeling or 6th sense, Attract Strangers to talk to you, Counselor, Good Listener, know what to others need and able to give them advise. Able to send out love to others and the world which shows your light.

The Mystical Psychic- (December 25, 1955 to January 4, 1970)

Mystic, knowledge of Past Lives, connect with Shaman, Priest/Priestess or Witches. Good with dreams, daydreams, trance, hypnosis and meditation. Able to get into altered states of consciousness with ease. Able to see or predict the future.

The Healer Psychic- (January 5, 1970 to January 18, 1984)

Sensitive, Medium, Psychic, Counselor, Teacher or Healer. Good with being able to sense things and spirits but can be too open energetically because of this. Able to have multiple gifts and being in the right place at the right time.

The Sensible Psychic- (January 19, 1970 to January 18, 1998)

Good Instincts, Grounded, Abundance and Luck can flow around if pay attention to the information given. Practical contributor to the world by writing, healing, helping to change things in the community or saving the planet. Need to act on Intuition as this is what is your compass to both the spiritual and Earth-bound worlds.

The Crystal Psychic- (January 29, 1998 to February 3, 2012)

Connected to the Angelic Realm, Know things, Receive “flashes of inspiration,” Healers, Psychics and Mediums. Able to work alone and a desire to “do something important” in their life.

The Super Psychic- (February 4, 2012 to Onward)

Serve Others, Super Psychics, Want harmony and Peace within the Planet. Able to connect with Arts, Music, Literature and Space. They are In Tune with Universe and can see the “bigger picture” for everyone involved.