Have you ever wondered what you Spirit Guides name is? Do you wonder if it’s a girl, guy or androgynous? You are not the only one, I have several clients ask me this all the time. Many people ask me what their guides name is. However, this is something I want the client to figure out. The reason for this is because it empowers them, to feel like they are connecting in with the guide. Also, since we have several guides that help us, I might not be connecting in with the same guide that they are connecting with. We have many guides that are gatekeepers, protectors, helpers etc. that work with us throughout our lives. Guides can help with one particular issue in your life too. However, most people want to know who their main spirit guide is. In order to figure this out, sit in a quiet space, breathe, and then ask your guide to step in. Then, TRUST what you are getting. If you feel it is a girl and you heard the name “Bob,” then trust this information! Many times, people will not trust what they receive. Once you receive the name, ask your guide to show you this name in your daily life. This will give you confirmation or validation that you did receive the name correctly.  Also, some people don’t like the name they receive. I had a client that heard her guides name was “Sally” and she didn’t think her guide could be named that! She didn’t like this name and told me so! She felt the name should have been something more extravagant like “White feather!” I told her, if you don’t like the name, then give her another name! I want to let you know that our guides don’t care about the names, its just for our benefit on Earth. So, if you want to change the name, then do it, they won’t care.  Just let them know that you are going to use this new name! So, if you are wanting to know your guides name, try this and see what you get! Remember to TRUST what you receive and go with it!