Today I wanted to blog about the some of the differences between light workers, empaths and star seeds. What are the differences between a Lightworker or a Star seed? or What is the difference between a lightworker and an Empath? People that are one of these or Indigo, crystal and rainbow kids are very high vibrational beings. They have chosen to come to Earth to raise the vibration of the planet. This includes healing the planet and showing others that we are all made of love, all one! They will help others to raise their consciousness   and to be more aware of their actions and be more accepting of others.

Here are some differences between them.

Lightworkers– these people come to help show their light to the world and help others see theirs too! They show others that we are all made of love and we exude this Divine love in our very essence. They remind us to live, breathe and exude the light within each of us daily. Waking up the internal light within and being aware of this light to share it with others.

Empaths– these people “feelers” can pick up on the emotions and vibrations of others. Another term for this is “clairsentient.” (Clear feeling). Many can help heal others with their hands as they are healers. These people are very sensitive and can sometime literally be sick “sucking in” others peoples negative energy that they meet them. They don’t understand why others are mean, not accepting or judgmental to others, animals and the environment. Many times, it is hard for them to be in big crowds or environments because they are so sensitive to other people’s energies. They may also have psychic or mediumship abilities too.

Star Seeds– these people come to Earth “to seed” a new way of consciousness in others and situations. Helping others to shift their reality, transform, so they can work on what their life purpose is for the soul.

If you resonate with any of these, don’t be surprised! You and so many other people that you know, came in droves to help the planet! Now I want to point out that you can have a combination of a few of these traits. For me, I am an empath, light worker and an Indigo child. Figure out which ones resonate with you or not! Just know if one does, you are here to help Earth raise its frequency! You came to make a difference!