Have you ever heard someone tell you “Namaste?” What does “Namaste” mean? This word is widely is used in India when people greet each other, as well as, when they say goodbye to one another.  This means I honor that Divine spark within your soul, as you do mine. “Nama” is “I bow to you as you do to me” as its origin is Sanskrit.  This is why many people clasp their hands together (like praying) near their chest or “heart chakra” and then bow to that other person. When using the word Namaste, it invokes a deep spiritual meaning. When someone utters “Namaste” to another individual, this enhances the spiritual depth of one’s soul and attracts the in the Divine consciousness. Basically it helps to see another ones soul, which in turn helps that soul to grow spiritual. Think of this as a reminder to one’s soul! Another reason to use the word Namaste when greeting another individual is the use of the hand gestures. These hand gestures active the Divine consciousness and can open that soul up spiritually to attract positive things! In our society we tend to greet each other with a hand shake or maybe a hug, this then can emit negative vibrations to another if one soul is in that state of negativity. However by using the word Namaste along with the hand gestures, elevates any negative vibrations, and allows for positive ones to come. Lastly, by using the word “Namaste” to greet others, this allows each souls to open up to the Divine Consciousness. This invokes positive things to an individual on a soul level. So the next time you see someone, try the word Namaste out! You might be surprised how it will not only affect the other person but also you!