I have had a few clients want to know about Mercury Retrograde, since we have been in the thick of it for a few weeks now. What is Mercury Retrograde? Mercury Retrograde happens a few times a year when Mercury “seems to slow down” or “seems to move backward” in the solar system. It is a shift in energy and a big shift, if you are sensitive to things, people or environments. If you are, you WILL feel it! When this shift happens, many things are literally out of your control. This could include things like technology, travel, signing documents or communication of any kind. The reason for this is that Mercury rules these areas and that is why things go haywire during this time! So, think back a few weeks, have things just broken? Have you had communication issues with anyone? Did your travel plans fall through? These types of things will usually pop up during this time! I have had people say, “Am I just unlucky that everything just seems to break?” No, literally you are in Mercury Retrograde!! For me, I have had communication issues with my family! Out of nowhere, issues came up and I was getting dragged into it. But I knew, not to be pulled in and I stepped out of it as soon as I was drug in. So why would communication issues come up? The reason for this is that something of the past was NOT healed, so it is being brought back up again, think of a “cycle.” Unless it gets healed and you change the way you handle it this time, it will come up again in the next Mercury Retrograde. You can’t avoid it, as it is a lesson that you need to change and pass! Now I want to note regarding signing documents, I would avoid any types of documents during this time. If you are trying to buy a house, work at a new job, or working with legal documents, make sure to work on pushing this out until after this shift has occurred. The reason why is that many times that job or house you tried to get will fall through. Or the legal documents won’t be in your favor as something was being hidden from you in the paperwork. Just be prepared if you are signing something during this period, the chances of it not working and falling through is extremely high. So, how do we “deal” with Mercury Retrogrades? Well, the easiest way is to just know when it is during the year and prepare yourself for it. Work around these days and not get sucked into any type of drama too! “Be aware” is the key here!  Another way I like to deal with it is to carry crystals for Mercury Retrograde to help me through this period.  Here are some crystals that can assist: aquamarine, amazonite, blue lace agate or green fluorite. Lastly, I just say “breathe” and walk through it, you can’t do anything about it but you can endure it!