The last few days I have continually have been hearing or seeing information on abundance. What is abundance? Abundance is the feeling you get when you feel “secure” and you have “enough” of a particular thing or things. For some, it might be having time, freedom or having the love of family around them. Others might be the thought of having enough money and feeling wealth, which is financial abundance. When we are abundant we are able to be joyous, feel balanced and feel that anything is possible! However, I do want to point out that abundance is not going to solve all your problems! To demonstrate, a person can have financial abundant but still feel unhappy. Another example would be, a person is abundant in his/her job, however he/she is working too many hours to enjoy life!  Our society dictates that “more” is better, but is it? To be truly abundant, one needs to look at ALL aspects of your life. There has to be a balance in order to really enjoy the feeling of abundance. Here are some ways to bring in abundance into your life.

  1. Change Your Mindset-When you change your thoughts about abundance and realize that it is just a word that means “security” and not just “to get more” of something, this changes the flow of things. The thought of “lacking” of something is now being replaced with a “fulfillment.”
  2. Let Go of Fear- When we feel that we don’t have enough of abundance it creates “fear.” When this happens, the flow of abundance is now blocked. Remember, there is enough abundance and more for everyone in the world!
  3. When you Receive, then Give!- This one is very powerful, the more you receive the more you need to give! Many times people want to hold on to what they have but this actually blocks the flow of abundance. When you get something, give back, as this will come back to you 10 times more!

Lastly, when you think about abundance, think about this at every level of your life. Many people think, when I have enough money or when I have that love I am wanting then I will be abundant. Think again! To be truly abundant, it is a balance of many things. Having the feeling of being secure in many aspects of your life, is what you want to attain. Abundance is just a flow of energy waiting to be tapped into in all areas of your life. By just realizing this, is the start to having more abundance flow for you. When you receive that abundance and give to others, it just magnifies it for yourself. So now I challenge you, how will you now create more abundance in all areas of your life?