I have blogged about “soulmates” and “twin flame” relationships, so I wanted to expand to “karmic” relationships. What is a Karmic Relationship? A karmic relationship involves meeting up with someone in your soul group to heal past lessons from other lifetimes. These relationships are very similar to soulmates or twin flames.  You just “feel like you have known this person” once you meet them. It’s the feeling of familiarity, that sense of “home” with this person. These relationships are highly intense and are ones that you really don’t want to have to have to deal with here in Earth school, because of the intensity. The reason for this is that “karma” is involved and you are here to work out the “old stuff.” I always tell clients that if you are in a karmic relationship, get ready for the ride!  This will be a up and down relationship that will be hard to walk away from. It can be a tumultuous relationship and can leave one flat on the ground. The key is to understand you are here to work out the karma and if you can do this, you will save yourself a lot of heartache. These relationships are so emotionally draining as you but all your effort in this “roller coaster of love.” You love this person so deeply because your soul recognizes them from another lifetime. This is the reason why it is hard to walk away from this person. However, if you can understand this, accept this, and realize that a relationship is NOT supposed to be HARD, and this is NOT LOVE, it will be easier to walk away. Once you do this, you will realize that the lesson for you was to walk away and break this pattern that was created in the first-place lifetimes ago. So, if you are in a karmic relationship now, take a look at this relationship and accept what it is! Make that break and know that you will not have to do this lesson anymore, as you just cleaned up a piece of karma that was from the past!