With the holidays upon us, I wanted to write a short blog about gratitude’s. I know I recently wrote another blog about gratitude’s just a few weeks ago however its Thanksgiving weekend, how can I not blog about giving thanks to the Universe? Being thankful brings in so many blessings and it also raises your vibration too! I love giving thanks to the Universe on a daily basis. Being grateful for a place to stay, the beautiful sunset or just being around friends and family brings in so much joy!  I also feel so blessed to be alive as well as assist others on their journeys too! As I reflect on this past year, I am truly amazed at the blessings the Universe has provided me.  I have been blessed to have assisted many clients, brought in and strengthened many friendships and just grown more spiritually!  The Universe has truly enriched me on this journey this year! Take a look back on your year, what are you grateful for? Has your life been enriched too?  Have things changed in a direction that you are wanting on your journey? If not, you might need to start making some changes this coming year to get where you want to go! I always tell clients, what YOU think is what you get! You do write your own chapter in your book of life! As I write this blog, I am on a plane to go and visit my sister for the holidays. I am grateful for having the time to share with her, as well as, making some wonderful memories too! Giving gratitude’s to the Universe always brings more blessings to us!  So take a moment, what are YOU grateful for this Thanksgiving weekend? Thank the Universe for all that you have been blessed with and start to notice all the positive things coming your way!