Mandalas are forms of art made up of a circular design that are created to symbolize “a life that is everlasting.” The ord “mandala” means circle or wholeness. People create or use mandalas for different reasons. Some mandalas can represent one’s journey in life or others use it to connect to the universe through meditation. Whatever the reason one creates or uses a mandala, it may be used for a very spiritual awakening.

How to Use a Mandala

When choosing a mandala find one that resonates with you. The design should appeal to you and make you feel drawn in to it. Each mandala design is intended to have you connect with it and lift away any irritating thoughts as you view it. This experience can be a very enlightening as it can help one to gain knowledge from within about ones spiritual path. Pay attention to your thoughts that might arise while you are immersed in viewing your mandala. Relax and breathe, you might start to feel certain feelings or emotions as well. Some people might want to close their eyes and meditate with the picture of the mandala in their mind. Connecting with the universe in meditation with your mandala, may allow for some insight into one’s life journey from within.

How to Create a Mandala

When creating a mandala this is a very personal experience. Some people might want to download a template off the internet and fill it in with colors. While others might want to create their own personal piece, using thoughts or ideas from within self on how the design of the mandala should be.  Whatever way you decide to choose for your mandala is fine, but just make sure you meditate before you start the process. Bring in any intentions, words, symbols or colors that you want to focus in on. Once you have mediated take a deep breath and begin. This process should be enjoyable and flow easily.

Here is a List of What the Colors Mean to Help You While Creating your Mandala

  1. BlackDeep Thoughts and Reflection or Mystery
  2. BlueCommunication or Inner Peace
  3. GreenHealing or Nature
  4. OrangeCreativity or Self-Awareness
  5. PinkLove or Feminine energy
  6. PurpleSpiritual Wisdom
  7. RedPassion and Strength
  8. WhiteSpiritual Focus
  9. YellowHappiness and Laughter

Once you are finished with your mandala take a step back and feel its energy. See the beauty in the art of what you created, as well as, how it makes you feel or what thoughts it may bring to you. Place it in an area where you are able to view it daily, using it as a tool to bring it its powerful energy into your life. Keep an open mind as you never know what information you might receive from it! Enjoy!