I read this great blog from Dandapani and he talked about what creates the problems that we have in our life. In the article he asked his Guru why he had so many challenges he was facing, and the Guru told him this! Problems are not problems. They are subconscious patterns that need to be adjusted.” I thought this was very poignant and had to share! When things come up in our lives, it is because WE have created them in our mind!! We are the co-creator of our lives and the Universe only brings us what we have been thinking. This can be good or bad, but what thoughts you put out to the Universe, is what you get back!

To demonstrate, many years ago I was unhappy with my corporate job. I used to love working there but things started to change and there were mergers, different bosses and so on. Anyways, it was not the job I used to love, and I didn’t have the passion to go there and enjoy it like I did. Well, with my negative thinking and the challenges it brought, I was laid off from the job! I CREATED this! WHAT?? Yes, the Universe only gave me what I created, which was to be happy again at a job! Once I had the layoff, I ended up getting hired back a few months later, and was happy, until the day came when someone bought the company! Well guess what happened? I became unhappy again and I recreated the pattern and challenges and was laid off again! The challenges I brought to the situation created the problems, and I need to rethink the pattern I created.

So, now that we know that WE are the source of the problems, what can we do to work on this? The key to understanding this is knowing that YOU CREATE YOUR reality. You are the source of problems, challenges, and it is YOU, that needs to work on adjusting the patterns within the mind! Here are some things you can do!

  1. Meditate-Take time to sit down and quiet the mind. Go within, to find out why you are creating these patterns.
  2. Journal- Take time to write and journal your thoughts on paper. Sometimes visually seeing the information will help you recognize the patterns easier.
  3. Dream- Before going to sleep, ask the Universe to help you see in your dreams, to find out what is creating the patterns of the problems. When you awake, write down anything that you saw in your dream.

Finally, by understanding that we create our problems, this will help you to break the patterns of the challenges that have been arriving in your life. Changing your thoughts within mind, will help to readjust your subconscious, to fix the issues. Remember, think positive and create the world that you want to live in, its YOUR choice!