What is validation? Validation can be defined as being recognized, proving we are right, or feeling worthy. We all want to be validated in some way in our life’s.  Maybe it is being that star athlete and coming in first place. Or it could be that a judgement for a case was found in your favor. How about just wanting someone to love you, as this will make you feel that you are valuable. Validation is an important for everyone as the essential point means “acceptance.” Being accepted allows us to feel part of the whole and not alone. It’s like you have people that “got your back” and knowing this, gives one strength. To demonstrate, you just told you friend about the argument you had with your mom. Your friend agrees with your viewpoint that you shared with your mom, thus providing validation that you were right in this situation.

Having some type of validation in a situation helps us to know you are not alone. You have someone standing up for you or in your corner, cheering you on. We all know that strength in numbers helps us to move forth easier than doing it by oneself. Validation is just one of the keys that helps us with this movement. However, just because another individual validates you does not mean it might be good for you. To demonstrate, you are wanting to be part of a fraternity but to be a part of this group, you must vandalize another person’s property.

Basically, to be accepted or validated, you must do something that hurts another, which is not in your best interest and makes you must conform.  Wanting to be validated can be tricky, however if you know you come from a good place and heart, then validation can be very rewarding. Being part of a group, cheering you on, is what of the best feelings you can experience. Being accepted and validated brings about recognition, worth, and feeling one is right but most of all being a part of a group, or oneness.