Are you one of those people that make New Year’s Resolutions for the year but never works on them? Or maybe you work on it for the first week or two and then forget about it? Well, let’s make them happen for you this YEAR! The key to making these resolutions happen is first to write down what you want to do this year. Don’t get crazy and write down so many things, just stick with a few. This could be 3-5 things you want to do this year! This will seem more attainable for you to achieve the too. Remember, a resolution just means GOAL! Ask yourself, what goals do I want to work on this year?

Here are Some Tips to Achieve them this Year!

  1. Be specific on what you want to bring in! Don’ be general when making a resolution, get in deeper. To demonstrate, if you want to be healthy this year, then make the resolution I want to eat healthy 3-5 times a week. Or I want to go to the gym 4 times a week to become healthier.
  2. Put energy into these resolutions and make them a part of your daily life!
  3. Put a list up somewhere you can see it daily, like your fridge, in your phone as a reminder, or on nightstand.
  4. Read the list at least once a week and work on one of these items during the week. To demonstrate, if you wanted to write a book, work on writing a page daily or a page once a week.
  5. Check in once a month on how you are doing with the list. If you happened to miss a week, then add it to the following month, but make sure you don’t make that a habit! You are committing to working on this weekly.
  6. When you achieve that resolution, either check or scratch it off the list! This is a great way to show you visually, that YOU did it!

Other things that can help you stay committed to your resolutions.

  1. Get a calendar and mark off the days you worked on your resolutions. This will show you the commitment you are making. Use highlighters to indicate the different ones you are working on. Sometimes you may be working on 2 the same week.
  2. Reward yourself when you complete a resolution. So, if you were working on writing a page in that book and you completed 3 months consecutively, celebrate that commitment. This could be simple like getting an ice cream or more extravagant as buying yourself a gift.
  3. Look at your list and recommit to it! Do this either seasonally or halfway through the year in June. See what progress you have made and amp up your efforts if it has been lacking. Also, if you competed your goals add some new ones to the list!

Remember, resolutions do not have to be difficult to achieve, its all about putting in a little time a day or weekly to work on them. Once you work on this, it will become a habit and will stick! So, ask yourself, How much do I want to achieve this goal? You got this, now make it happen!