What is a “Labyrinth?” A Labyrinth is a pattern that is created, which is a complex pathway or route that a person walks. This pathway only has one way in and out. This is not to be confused with a maze where there are dead ends and you can get lost! Many people have walked labyrinths for hundreds of years. A labyrinth can be a wonderful tool for self-transformation as one walks this journey.

Benefits of Walking a Labyrinth
1. While walking the labyrinth we are “engaging” in the pathway of life. We connect with earth as well as ourselves and it gives us a deeper meaning of our journey.

2. The twists and turns of the pathway represent are experiences on earth. Think of the trials and tribulations that you have experienced or the wonderful things that you have been blessed with! There is always a flow or balance, like night and day or happiness or sorrow. Life is NOT linear and there are many bumps and turns on the journey!

3. As you walk into the labyrinth think of the positive energy you are bringing it. When you turn around after getting to the center, feel the positive energy that is flowing back out after you!

4. Understanding the message of the labyrinth, everything is circular and has a rhythm. The labyrinth is circular to show us the visual effect of life and how profound life is, as well as, the balance that it displays. We can go forward and backward on the same pathway in our journey. One cannot get lost on this journey as there always is the same road in as it is out!

Find a Labyrinth in your area to walk! It is a powerful tool that can help you focus and understand life’s lessons as you are walking it. I like to bring a piece of paper written with something I need some clarity on. Many times as I start walking on the path, I start to receive information either visually or by thinking of what it is that I need clarity on. I leave the piece of paper under a rock at the center of the labyrinth. I then turn around and think of releasing anything that is blocking me from the clarity I need. Many times as I am finishing the walk I have an answer to what I need to do! I hope you will enjoy the benefits of walking a labyrinth as much as I do!