Last week I went to experience the Polar Express with my friends Sandy and Eric. Since we had such a great time last year, which I blogged about in “Feeling like Christmas on the Polar Express,” we decided to take another trip this year. On the day we went it was very cold, foggy, rainy and a bit of snow too. This was great because the weather made it feel like a December day on the east coast! We took the latter train this year which left at 7:30. On this train, there were older kids along with many adults too. As we left the train depot, we immediately were greeted by the warm staff in our train car. The staff performs wonderful entertainment throughout the train ride. You will also be served hot cocoa, a cookie and hear the story of the Polar Express from the book. Once you arrive at the North Pole you will see wonderful lights that highlight Santa’s Town along with Santa himself. On the way back, you will get a visit from Santa on the train and he will give you a bell to commemorate your trip. You will also sing several Christmas carols until you are back at the train depot. The entire train ride is 90 minutes and it gets you in the Christmas spirit. So, if you haven’t experienced the Polar Express, put it on your bucket list to do. I want to note that the Polar Express gets booked very quickly, so if there is a certain day you are wanting to go, make sure you book your tickets in advance. Many times, the tickets can be sold out 6 months to a year ahead of time. So, plan your trip and enjoy this wonderful Christmas Tradition!