I wanted to blog about the “Love Angels” today and how they can assist you in finding “Love.” Many of us are looking for that special love relationship in our lives and the Love Angels can help!  The Love Angels specialize in bringing in the love! When we call upon them, they can help you with this task. However, they cannot do all the work for you as you must put some effort into bringing in the soulmate too. Here are some things you can do to assist them with their task.

  1. Be Open! – Many times, we are shut down to receiving love and we are not putting out the attractive vibes to bringing love in. Other times we are so bogged down with the details of what you want in a partner that the Universe is trying to find someone through a straw and not a vessel! Being too specific, such as, I want this person to be 6’ 3, blonde hair, doctor, wants 3 kids etc. is very hard for the Love Angels to find. I am not saying this is impossible, however it may take many years!! So, keep it light and put down a few things that really matter on your list so they know.
  2. Send Love to Your Soulmate-Sometimes are soulmates are not ready to meet us as they have things going on in their lives that they are working on. By sending love to them, this will help them through the process of working through this to bring you closer together.
  3. Ask to See Your Soulmate in Your Dreams- Ask the Love Angels to show you a dream or vision of what your soulmate looks like. This will help you be able to hone in on them when you do meet.
  4. Bringing in Your Soulmate– Ask the Love Angels to bring your soulmate closer into your life. This helps to meet up with them quicker on your timeline when you are both in alignment to meet each other.

Finally, by working with the Love Angels to bring in your soulmate, you are assisting them as they are assisting you. They will work on your behalf; however, you need to do some of the work listed above too. By doing the work and asking them to assist you will be one step closer into bringing love in for you!