I wanted to share today what I think are the keys to success! I have been blessed with so many wonderful things in my life and I contribute some of these simple things that I have learned or been taught over the past years. Most of these things are so simple to do, but we forget to do them with our busy lives. When we slow down for a minute and see the beauty in the small things or do some simple acts for others, these become like magnets bringing success to you!

Here are some ideas you can use to bring success in your life too!

  1. Pay It Forward!-I always say it starts with you! By offering or giving to another, this raises your vibration which in turn also raises the recipient’s vibration too! You don’t need to help everyone, it’s a concept of just starting with starting to help 1 person. If you show another what it is like to give to them, this might propel them to give to another and so on. It is the pay it forward syndrome!
  2. How May I Serve! – This concept of how may I help others, versus what is in it for me, allows for the individual to come from a place of giving versus receiving. When you realize serving others not only blesses them but it also blesses you too! I always say to serve others and it will come back to you 10 times more in blessings!
  3. Teaching Others What You Have Learned-When you teach others what you have learned you are giving to another. When we give to others, this raises our vibrations and we see the beauty in another, watching them learn with what you gave them!
  4. Kindness- Being kind to another with just a smile, thanking someone or opening a door shows this person they valued or worthy. When someone feels valued, it raises their vibration and makes them happy, thus raising your vibration too!
  5. Positive Attitude! Have you ever noticed a person walk in a room and their attitude is so positive that people’s attitudes start to become positive too? Having a positive attitude rubs off on others, as ones energy or vibration raises the entire area.
  6. Gratitude’s- Giving gratitude’s to the Universe for all the wonderful things in your life. Starting from the small things like a beautiful flower you saw or the sunset that is amazing, giving gratitude’s for these small things raise your vibration. When your vibration is raised more positive and wonderful things are now attracted to your energy.

Finally, by using a few of these concepts above in your daily life, you will notice the blessings that will be coming in. By helping and giving back to others not only blesses them but it blesses you too! Try a few of these and see what happens, you will be surprised on what blessings will come back to you!