I love Christmas as it brings so much joy and love to people. I have been getting in the Christmas spirit by singing Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies too. However, the biggest joy I will see this Christmas is to watch my 3-year-old nephew during this time. Being able to see Christmas through his eyes is just extra special. Seeing the joy of a child getting ready for Santa and being excited to open his gifts is truly amazing. When I see his excitement about how he sees Christmas this will become infectious! Children have a way of reminding us to be like a child and the simplicity of this day. Christmas is about family and friends, laughter, giving back to others, love and joy. That is the true spirit of Christmas. Unfortunately, as adults we forget the simplicity of the day. We are too busy with the hustle and bustle of gift buying, things to do, decorating, holiday parties and such. If we could just slow down for a moment and remember to see the joy of what this day brings. So, if you haven’t had a chance to slow down to see the joy in Christmas, take this moment to do so. Start by taking a deep breath and breath in the air of that fresh Christmas tree. Or maybe its those freshly baked cookies you might be smelling. Next, remind yourself to just relax and enjoy the moment. Ask yourself, “what am I grateful for?” Bring in the vibration of joy and how it makes you feel. Then just feel that feeling and be present in the moment. Remind yourself this is what it feels like to experience the Joy of Christmas. Absorb it and just take it all in! Now be like a child and pass it on to others and enjoy the simplicity of the day!