What is Self-Worth? Self-worth is the opinion on how you view yourself and the value you place on yourself. Another term for this would be “self-esteem.” I wanted to blog about this today because I have had several clients believe that they are “not worthy” or feel that they “don’t measure up” to other people or things. Not only is this harmful to ones own mental health it also blocks you from receiving the positive flow of energy or things to you! Basically one that is displaying self-worth issues is putting a wall up to NOT receive positive things!

How Do You Build Up Your Self-Worth?

  1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others! Stop listening to that inner voice that says you are not worthy! Many times, people who listen to this inner voice have childhood issues where parents, teachers or someone else exposed them to these harmful attitudes and words. This in turn led to instilling this attitude of self-hate which is a destructive behavior.
    2. Be Gentle and Loving to Self. Start by loving yourself and understanding that YOU ARE WORTHY of things and people. No one is perfect and everyone has faults, even the people that you are comparing yourself too!
    3. Bringing in Gratitude’s. By being grateful for the things you do have, this starts to help you focus on the POSITIVE things and which in turn, lets the positive energy flow to you!
    4. Be Kind and Generous. By helping others or just smiling gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling which becomes contagious to others! This helps to raise your vibration and brings in positive energy to you.

By challenging yourself to work on this behavior this will help to release the blocks, as well as, tear down the negative energy that it creates. Remember positive things and energy attracts more positive things and blessings!