I did blog about Balancing Your Energy but I wanted to expand on “grounding.” What is grounding? Grounding means that your physical body and soul are connected to Mother Earth. Grounding is important because it connects both aspects in the body so we can live a humanly experience. Many times, we might be physically connected with our bodies, but our soul within our body is not connected. When this is the case, you are most likely not able to focus or feel very scattered. Why does his happen? This transpires for a few reasons.

  1. A person’s lower chakras 1-3 (Root, Sacral, Solar a Plexus) are “gunked up” and these chakras are blocked.
  2. A person just does not want to be in this physical body and uses the upper chakras 4-7 (Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown) to cope. They are very connected to the spiritual realm.
  3. A person’s soul doesn’t want to be in this body and live this earth life. They miss “home” which is the Other side.  Many times, these people that miss “home, ” try to “fog out” and use drugs or alcohol to take away the pain of them being in this life or body. If they only knew that they just needed to “ground” more that this would help their consciousness and awareness in this Earth school.

When we ground, we are connected here on Earth, we are experiencing this life. However, when we are not grounded, this is when our soul is “flying all around” and things are “off balance.” There are a few simple ways you can ground.

  1. Being in Nature– Hug a tree, put your feet in the grass or sand. Feel Mother Earth and then you will be a part of her.
  2. Meditation-Think or see that your feet have “roots” coming out of the bottom of them. These roots (think roots from a tree) are connecting to Mother Earth and you are now a part of her.
  3. Get Grounding Crystals– Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Apache Tear or Apache Gold. Have 1 or a few of these stones in your pocket, bracelet or bra (ladies) to help you stay grounded. Think of this as you are a balloon and this will help u stay still instead of you flying away! Right now, I have 3 of these stones and 2 bracelets with these stones to help ground me! Remember to clean them regularly.
  4. Eat Grounding Foods– Eat foods that are from the ground like potatoes and carrots. This will help you ground more too as you are ingesting them in your body.

Finally, grounding is very important because this helps you to feel connected to Mother Earth. When you are grounded, it allows one to experience things easier, you are more focused and you are in alignment with this Earth Life. Get grounded and see what changes it brings about for you!