I recently tried Oprah’s and Deepak 21 day meditation that was offered online. It was a blessing as it is very hard for me to sit still. I have been working on trying to mediate however there never seems to be enough time in the day to engage in it. The challenge for me was to work on this daily while I was sitting still, that was a challenge for sure. When I was first starting this, I was very antsy but did enjoy the inspirational words and the chants that were provided. It did become easier each day as I devoted time to this task. After taking this challenge, I did feel more at ease and not so wound up like I normally am after a busy day. I wanted to discuss the benefits that I encountered as well as researched on this topic.

What Were The Benefits of Meditation?

  1. Your Soul Reconnects. When one meditates, our souls can then reconnect with the Divine, Universe or whatever you call it. The soul starts to remember why we are here are earth.
  2. Receiving Answers or Wisdom. Many times after one meditates the answers you have been seeking seem to “pop” out of thin air! This is because one tapped into the other side and was able to retrieve some information to assist in one’s life. Sometimes we are so focused or trapped that we can’t see a new perspective. Meditation helps us to develop a new perspective or idea.
  3. Love and Compassion are renewed. The soul recognizes that we are all just “one” and that we are here on earth to just love others.
  4. Happiness and Health. Engaging in mediation helps us to raise our vibration and be positive about things. This higher vibration aids in alleviating pain and inflammation in parts of our body. Emotions and life seem to be easier and positive, creating a less stressful life when “sitting in the power.”
  5. Increases a Social Connection. The soul realizes we are not alone in this big world and remembers there are others on this path. Meditation helps to reconnect with others to figure out one’s journey on earth.
  6. Helps to Increase Memory. Meditating helps us by improving our attention and memory.

Finally, meditation is a wonderful tool to use to help in aiding in your life. It helps us to remember, reconnect, raise our vibration and reminds us of why we are here on earth. Taking just a bit of time each day will help you live a more healthy and happy life too!