I have always had a hard time grounding to Mother Earth. I must deal with this daily because I live in my upper chakras and do not connect to the lower ones which go to Mother Earth. I have blogged about how to balance your energy which gives you some tips on how to ground. However, I wanted to blog about another grounding technique that I have been using at night. Before I go to sleep at night, I take a stainless-steel spoon and I rub it a few times over the bottoms of my feet before I go to bed. What this does is the metal is absorbed into my foot and helps me to ground at night. It allows me to sleep better at night, since I have been using this method. It now has been a few months and it works like a charm for me! You can use this technique anytime during the day too, but you will have to carry a spoon with you to do it! So, try it and see how if it works for you too!