Today, I wanted to touch on friendships as one evolves on a Spiritual path. I have heard so many of my friends and clients talk about how their friendships have dissolved or become obsolete as their Spiritual side has grown. Why is this case? The reason for this is that when your Spirituality grows you are now attracted to different things as you have changed your “vibrational frequency!” You are more “heart centered” and are focused more on things that vibrate at a higher level. These would include things as: love, healing, meditation, prayer, volunteering, teaching or giving to others. When we change our vibration to a higher level we start to change the inside of us! The old things or lower vibration that you were once attracted to, now seem to not interest you any more. This includes your vibration on a friend level.  When you change, your inner and outer world changes as well, as you attract new things. Since you know that your vibration has led to your friendships changing, you also might now be experiencing changes within self. Your higher vibration does not resonate with these types of lower vibrations such as: gossiping, competition, worrying, ego, jealousy, violence, victim mentality or dishonesty. Take a look at your friendships that may be diminishing, look to see what area no longer attracts you to that person. They may be displaying one of these lower areas that are listed above. It doesn’t mean that they are a bad people it just means they are vibrating at a lower level than you. I have been asked how one can help to change a vibration in another. Remember this is their journey; you can not change someone, they have to do it. However, what you can do is model your actions and  behavior so they see the change in you! You are showing them the higher vibration that you are now operating on!

Lastly, friendships do go thru go and bad times as we all know. You may feel that you might want spend less time with these people and spend more time with new friends that operate at your vibration. This is not a bad thing at all! It just means that you are now operating at a higher level and are now being guided on a more Spiritual path. Remember, likes attract likes; it’s the Law of Attraction!