When doing any type of Spiritual work, whether doing readings or healings and you are coming in physical contact with people, it is important to make sure you are cleansing yourself! Think of this as cleaning away the cobwebs from other people. You are washing off others people’s energies that have come in contact with yours. Here are some things you can do to cleanse yourself!

  1. Take a Shower-When you take a shower, water is a natural cleansing mechanism that clears and cleans your body. I do this EVERYTIME when I give in person readings or healings too. There is NO EXCEPTION and it is imperative for me, as I am susceptible to this energy since I am Clairsentient.
  2. Sage Yourself- Taking sage and cleaning your aura this let’s go of the cobwebs and cleans your energy field.
  3. Take an Epson Salt Bath- The same as taking a shower above, however the Epson salt absorbs all the negative energy that has collected and the water washes it away.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to Assist- When I can’t take a shower or use sage I ask Archangel Michael to clear my Energy of anything that needs to be removed. He is the Archangel for protection and can assist you with this too!
  5. Use a Pendulum to Clear- A pendulum can also clear the energy, as long as, you know how to do this. I offer this in my Pendulum 2-part class.
  6. Clean your Cards, Pendulums or Crystals- Just as we can get cobwebs in our energy field so can your tools. Clean them as well by using a selenite crystal, sage the sun or the Moon’s energy.

Finally, when you are working with other people spiritually, make sure you take the time to cleanse yourself of all the energies that you can attract or collect during the sessions. By taking the time to cleanse yourself you are preventing sicknesses, exhaustion, being drained, having a low vibration, low life force energy or becoming burnt out from all of this. Take the time and do the stuff above as your body will thank you later!