I have always been fascinated by the metaphysical stuff, numerology, tarot cards and Mediums. Seriously, how can you not be in awe of Mediums like Theresa Caputo, Sylvia Browne or John Edward! I have always wanted to be a Medium but never knew I was one until a year and half ago! I was told my many different psychics that I had abilities. Huh, what does that mean? I had no idea but I had to find out. What happened is that I opened that door to my intuitive side. I did research on the internet and discovered the different “Clairs” and it just clicked, this made sense. After this happened, I continued to see repeating numbers on clocks, license plates, anything that had numbers. These numbers were 1111, 1234, 222, 333, 444, 777  and my birth date. I knew something was being revealed to me but what? I went on to the internet and started to put these number sequences in and I discovered that there were others that have had this same experience! This led me to my Spiritual Awakening! Basically, the different set of numbers was revealing messages to me from my angels and guides. Each sequence represents a message. I looked at the different messages that I was receiving and it was telling me that I am awaking my spiritual side! This was the start of my new journey and path that I am on now. Also many times too you might be asking “What is my Life Purpose?” and the numbers start to show up too!  I am constantly looking for number sequences during the day. I ask the angels and guides to give me messages by using numbers. You can look at numbers on your receipts, gas stations prices of gas, license plates, anything with numbers! There is also a very handy book by Doreen Virtue that helps with this and it is called “Angel Numbers 101” or you can download the “App” for this as well. So start asking your angels and guides to reveal messages to you through numbers, you will be amazed what they have to say! This will help open your intuitive side and who knows what a waits?