I have had several clients ask me questions about Spirits and Ghosts. Many times the clients use these words interchangeably, however they are unaware of the contradiction that it is implying. I wanted to touch on the differences between spirits and ghosts and bring understanding of what each type of being means.

What are Spirits?
Spirits are beings that have died and are now living on the other side. When people die and leave earth, they are greeted and guided by a loved one or spirit that has been deceased. This experience is called “crossing over” and it helps to calm this person that is dying. Many times people who have had “near death experiences” have witnessed this “bright white light” that looks like a tunnel. This tunnel is part of the crossing over. Spirits are positive beings who are able to connect back with the Earth world. Many times these spirits connect with loved ones and watch over them. Some people have been able to connect with their loved ones (spirits) by seeing signs that the loved one leaves. Spirits also like to assist their loved ones on their journeys in the earth world. Many times people have witnessed situations where they felt they were guided by a loved one that was passed. Spirits do bring people, things, or messages into your life to assist you with certain situations. They are happy to help when situations that are a bit overwhelming to the living!

What are Ghosts?
Ghosts are beings that have died but have NOT crossed over to the other side after death. These beings may be too scared to or may feel they still have unfinished business here on earth. These beings “hide” from the bright light and refuse to go to the other side. Ghosts are considered more likely to be negative beings that are in “limbo.” I define limbo as not “living” on earth or the other side. These beings are in an in-between state and tend to be confused on where they are or what they should be doing. They may appear as being transparent or void of color when living people see them. The reason for this is that they are not living. Many times these beings are not even aware that they have died! This happens quite often when they died traumatically. Ghosts sometimes can be nuisances to the living due to the fact they don’t  believe they have died. These beings become agitated and start to make themselves known by creating noises, moving objects or turning on/off lights. They try and create havoc to annoy the living to move out of what they is their space. Since they believe they are alive, they are confused about why other people are in their environment.

Can ghosts eventually cross-over to the other side?
Ghosts definitely can cross over to the other side! Many times ghosts are “stuck” in the earth world and do not know or realize how to cross over. Here are some of the things that can assist the ghosts in crossing over.

  1. The ghost realizes they are dead.
  2. The ghost decides that they are not afraid of the bright white light and walks into it to cross over to the other side.
  3. The ghost feels they have completed their unfinished business.
  4. A Medium, one who can speak to the dead, assists with crossing over the ghost.

Since you now know the differences between a Spirit and Ghost, you will be able to recognize and define each type of being. If you do encounter a ghost, you can advise them to go into the bright white light. By giving this type of instruction, this may assist another being to enter the other side and start living once again!