Has anyone told you that you need to “speak your truth?” What does speak your truth mean? I tell clients that speaking your truth is when a person tells others what they are truly feeling. Basically, you are speaking what is in your heart. Many times, we do not want to speak our truth because of some of the following reasons:

  1. It may hurt another person’s feelings.
  2. You are afraid of what the person might think of you, which is judgement.
  3. You might be afraid that you are going to upset or anger another person.
  4. You are afraid you might be letting someone down.
  5. You might be worried that the other person will not understand where you are coming from.

And there are so many more reasons but these are some of the reasons I hear from clients. I always tell clients, “what is in your heart?”  Often you are hurting yourself more by not being honest with another person because you then maybe end of resenting the other person at some point. This comes about because you were not honest in the first place when you should have spoken your truth. Many clients say, “I am afraid to tell people how I feel” or “I don’t want to offend anyone.” OK I understand this however, you can say what you mean without being mean. You can tell others how you are truly feeling, without having any negative connotation when speaking your truth! Think of it this way, if you are speaking from your heart, are you being mean? NO! You are telling someone how you truly feel. If you are not speaking your truth, you are gunking up your throat chakra. What you are wanting to say. but are not saying, is trapping energy in the throat area.

So, the next time you need to speak your truth, what are you going to do? Remember, say what you mean without being mean! Use my motto, you will thank me later!