The other night my friends and I went to a Sound and Vibrational healing night. My friends had not experienced such an event so they wanted to try it out. Sound healing is described as using sounds to help to enhance our spiritual being. During the event the instructors played many different types of flutes, crystal bowls and as well as many instruments. We were able to lay down, meditate and just soak up the energy of the sounds. I actually fell asleep listening to all the vibrations that it was creating. After the event was over, everyone really needed to “ground” as our vibrations were so high we were literally floating! Also the energy of the vibrations lasted for about 24 hours in one’s body. They recommended that we drink a lot of water to help flush out any old toxins too. Later when I went home to sleep that night I was still reeling from the energy of the event. My friends also told me they felt the same energy and that they had many vivid dreams as well.

What Are Some Benefits of Sound Healing?

There are benefits to sound and vibrational healing that help to enhance our physical, mental and emotional aspects of our soul. Here are some of benefits below.

  1. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety. When listening to sound healing this helps to make us relaxed, soothes our souls and helps us enjoy the moment.
  1. Helps to raise our vibration. Our vibrations start to rise with sound healing because it is uplifting to our souls. To demonstrate, think of just listening to the sounds of ocean waves, doesn’t the flow and ebb make you feel like you are part of that energy? When you start to engage in that flow you are tapping into that energy which has a higher vibration.
  1. Helps to improve your breathing. The sounds help to calm us and allows for the breathing rate to change. Thus helping to boost the oxygen throughout one’s body.

Lastly, sound and vibrational healing assists in helping our bodies to relax and just “be” in her moment. This type of healing helps us to slow down but also raises our vibrations. If you haven’t tried it I would recommend it, you would be surprised on how it might help you!