Last week was very profound for me as I did a process called “Soul Retrieval. Soul retrieval is a process of finding missing pieces of energy that a person wants to put back in place. Think of this as your body is a mirror, this mirror shatters and those missing pieces are now lost within the body or are outside of our body in our aura. This process helps to find these missing pieces and put them back in one’s body to become whole again. The reason I wanted to use this process of soul retrieval was that I had a very hard childhood. My childhood was filled with abuse, abandonment and fear (triggers). What happened to me as a child made my mirror shatter (soul), in order to protect me to be safe in that environment. I have been working on revisiting my childhood experiences and my inner child (the childlike person within).  I have had triggers that have been coming up in my adult life reminding me that I need to heal from those old wounds that were created. This was process of soul retrieval was the next step!

What is the Process of Soul Retrieval?

The process that I did for my Soul Retrieval was to work with a shaman and I actually did this over the phone. He asked me to light a candle and we both said a prayer to find my pieces as well as giving him permission to access them. Then he had me play specific drumming music which he was listening to as well. He took about 25 mins focusing in on the parts of the soul that was missing. When he was done he asked me to stop the drumming music and told me what areas the pieces were missing. He asked me to hold the phone up to these areas where they were missing and he blew in the phone the pieces back to the areas they belonged in. He then asked me to open my eyes and my world just seemed much brighter! He informed me that I had 23 missing pieces! This number was tied with 1 other person, for the most pieces that were lost and he has performed thousands of them! He explained to me the age of the missing pieces and asked me what happened during those time frames. Almost all of them were from my childhood however I did have a few from my adulthood which triggers from the childhood. I was able to pinpoint what happened during this time frame of these missing pieces. This was so enlightening because the triggers were from the abuse, abandonment, loss of power and fear. He asked me to go back through the different years and look for positive or joyful things from that time. He asked me to see what songs, movies, TV shows and food that I might have experienced and write those down. The reason for this was to relive those years now making positive memories that would create joy for me. So for 30 days I would light a candle and start to relive these years, either by playing the music, watching the movies or TV shows and eating the food that I liked then. He also asked me to talk to my soul pieces and introduce them to things in my daily life. So think of this as a new friend that is just starting to know you. Welcome them in your world!

What I Learned From the Process of Soul Retrieval

I was astounded when I found out that I had 23 pieces that were missing as well as the shaman! He enlightened me

on what, why and how the pieces go missing. Here is what I learned from this process.

  1. Pieces leave your soul due to many different types of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual trauma and abuse. The reason they leave is that whatever situation that is taking place, the events are too traumatic and painful to endure.
  2. Pieces are stored away in or out of your body (aura), in someone else’s body or hiding for safe keeping. The reason for this is to help with the trauma so the person can go back and retrieve the missing pieces later on when things are safe in the souls mind.
  3. Pieces can be giving/taken from other people due to many different reasons. The reason you want to retrieve or give back the pieces is that they don’t belong to the other person. Think of this as a piece of a puzzle, if you give or take someone else piece the puzzle cannot be completed.
  4. Pieces that are recovered allow the person to finally be completed but more importantly, heal from the trigger of why it was first created to begin with.

Other Tidbits regarding Soul Retrieval

Here are some other pieces of information regarding soul retrieval.

  1. How Do I Know if I need Soul Retrieval? The best answer I can give is “does the word soul retrieval resonate with you?” For me, I heard this terminology the first time and it was like my ears “perked up.” I just “knew” I had to do this process, I am not sure why but I “felt it” in my body. I also kept hearing this terminology several times over a span of a month. This was like the Universe telling me, “You need to do this!”
  2. Symptoms of Soul Loss– There are many different symptoms of soul loss. Here are some to look out for. Chronic illnesses, low self-esteem, memory loss, feeling detached, over sleeping, emptiness, disconnected, scattered, not connected and repeat pattern of behaviors are to name a few.
  3. Reintegration of the Pieces Lost- Once the pieces are recovered it can take days, weeks, months or years to reintegrate your pieces. This process most likely will make you feel whole, like your puzzle is now complete. There may be complete shifts of thinking, feeling more balanced or connected and the triggers will start to dissipate too.
  4. How Many Sessions is Needed? This process usually can be completed in just one session. Another session may be needed if triggers were recreated. The overall process is very gentle and loving.

Lastly, soul retrieval is a wonderful process to help release triggers and bring back pieces that are missing in your body. The missing pieces are retrieved to make you complete again. Once you are complete, you will be able to work through the reasons why these pieces were lost in the first place. By addressing the triggers, you will start to begin to heal from past trauma and able to live life with a more joyous outlook!


Note: I used Gerry Gavin for my process of soul retrieval. He does offer specials throughout the year for this process, so don’t be disappointed if you go to his site and see his normal charge. I was able to get a huge discount from one of his specials! Here is a link to his site: