I have clients ask me all the time questions such as “Am I on the right path?” or “Should I stay in this relationship?” and “What is my life purpose?” We all have questions that we are wanting answers to on a daily basis. The problem is many times we are not seeing the signs from the Universe that it is giving to you! (I call this Angel Communication!) This could be that we are too busy and not seeing the signs. Maybe we are neglecting the signs or possibly we are just not listening to the signs. There are signs everywhere, we just have to pick up on them!

 Here are Some Different Ways You can Ask for a Sign From the Universe!

  1. Using Headlights to Ask for a Sign-If you have a question that you might want to ask, then call in your Angels to help. When you are driving at night, ask the Angels your question and ask to see 1 headlight out on a car, if you see this it is a YES answer. I actually give the Angels a time-frame! I say within the next 2 minutes or even the next 2 miles, show me a headlight that is out on a car, if I see one than it is a YES answer. If I don’t see one in that time-frame, then it is a NO answer. I just want to note to please be careful when doing this too!
  2. Using Numbers on a License Plate for a Sign-You can also ask the Angels to give a certain number on a license plate as you are driving for a YES answer. To demonstrate, I want to know if I should be moving to a new house. I ask the Angels this question and tell them to show me a number 77 on a license plate from my house to the store (which is about 5 minutes away). I ask the Angels to make it easy for me to see this number on the license plate too! If I see one on my way to the store, then it is a YES answer, if not it is a NO answer.
  3. Getting the Same Message Over and Over-Sometimes the Universe gives us the message over and over but we are not listening to it. To demonstrate, you are wanting to change jobs but are not sure what to do or where to go. You keep asking the Universe to send you a sign. You saw an advertisement about enrolling into a college but you dismissed that sign. Next your friend told you about this college and this new program they are starting, you heard the message but you dismissed that again. Then you went to your mailbox and there was a flyer for that same college. You started to wonder, huh I keep hearing about this college? Well the Universe gave you 3 different signs about going back to school but you were dismissing each sign. This was done by synchronicity and not coincidence! That was your sign to go back to school!
  4. Coins that You See on the Ground-You can ask your Angels to send you coins as a sign, when you want to ask a question too! I like to take walks around my neighborhood, while doing this sometimes I ask the Angels a question. If I see a coin on the ground during my walk than that is a YES answer. If I don’t see one, then that is a NO answer.
  5. Feathers that you See on the Ground– Another way to ask the Angels to send you a sign for a question is to have them send you a feather. This is like the coin example above but this time it’s a feather for the Answer of YES.

Finally, so the next time you want to ask the Universe for sign use one of these examples provided. You will be surprised at how quickly that you will receive your answer. Remember there are signs everywhere, you just have to ask and look!