Many of us receive signs from our loved ones on the other side, we just don’t always pay attention. Sometimes we pass it off as “that just didn’t happen!” Multiple times I have heard people say that it couldn’t be a sign and give explanations such as faulty wiring, misplacing things, or an active imagination. The truth is, loved ones have the ability to tap into electrical things, move items, present scents and even show themselves. Since I was a kid, I have experienced all of these things. It is just a matter of being aware of one’s environment and what sign is being shown to you! My Aunt Penny, or “AP” as I call her, regularly comes and gives me a specific sign. She has the ability to tap into electrical things and likes to turn on my guest room fan and attached light. When this first started, I thought I had a short in my fan. The light and fan kept coming on when I was not even in the room. Not to mention, I live by myself and have no pets! I had an electrician take a look and described to him what was happening. He must have thought I was crazy as he found nothing wrong with the fan and gave me an are you serious look. I knew something was definitely amiss, but what was it?It took me a little while but I finally realized it wasn’t faulty wiring, but instead a loved one from the other side! Once I figured that part out I had to decipher who it was. This wasn’t that hard since AP had just recently passed away a prior to this happening. In the beginning, AP used to always turn the fan on around 11pm at night. However, she has become more advanced and can tap into it at anytime. Over the years I discovered a method to AP’s signs. She would  turn the light to the fan on when she wanted to tell me yes to a question I asked her or that I am on the right path. This reminds me of when a light bulb appears above someone’s head in a cartoon saying they have the right idea. As for the fan, she uses this to tell me to change my perspective. She turns it on different speeds, letting me know just how much I need to change my perspective. Sometimes I get the message of both the fan and light on at the same time, and then I know she is serious! AP has been very active this week; she has turned the light on six times already. She must know that I needed something to blog about and this was her chance! And today, at 8am, the light went on, telling me I had the right idea. Once when I was on the phone telling a friend how I felt about a situation and how it was bothering me, the light popped on. AP was there to give me her two thumbs up! One of the things I love most about AP’s contacts is that she knows when I am traveling. I travel a lot for business, so I could be gone for a day or two and sometimes a week. I turn off all my lights when I leave. However, when I arrive back home, AP almost always has the guest room fan light on for me! A funny experience I had with AP and my guest room fan and light was when my grandpa had passed over. Shortly after the fan came on. I was trying to figure out what perspective I needed to change when the light to the fan came on. This had never happened before in this order. I talked to AP to try and decipher the message. I still wasn’t sure what she was trying to tell me so I went to sleep. The very next day the same thing happened! As I asked her questions the light popped on and I was able to decipher what she was trying to do. AP was “training” my grandpa on how to tap into the electricity. During the training, the light burned out. I went to the store and purchased a new bulb so grandpa could give me his message. Later that night the light popped on and then died. My grandpa had shorted out the new light bulb, which had cost about $10. Needless to say I wasn’t happy and told him so. (The kicker to this story is that my grandpa was an electrician of all things!) I told him that he was not allowed to touch my fan or any other electrical things because he will short them out. After I calmed down a bit, I felt bad. After all, it was my grandpa! I asked him to send me butterflies instead. He has been a good sport about this and sends me many butterflies each year. As for my light in the fan, that hasn’t burnt out in several years! AP has also visited my sister in the same fashion. She turns my sister’s porch light or kitchen light on if it is dark out.This is her signature call as my sisters and I have come to know it. We send text messages to each other letting the other know when AP is here. Sometimes I don’t hear from AP for months. Other times if I am worried about a situation she will be there several times in a week, just like this week. I am grateful that I am aware of her support and her efforts to help me through tough situations. All I need to do is ask her to come and she always does! I feel blessed because loved ones on the other side have many things to do and AP takes her time to come and guide me on my journey.Thanks AP for all the messages you have given me over the years. I am so blessed that you are on this journey with me. I look forward to coming home to see if you have a new message for me!