I have had several clients ask me about how to sell their home or property so I wanted to blog about it today. I think many times we get so caught up in the stress of selling the house that we forget that we are actually the underlining cause of why it is not selling.

Here are some tips to help sell your house!

  1. Let the Fear Go! –When we are so worried about the process or the thought of it not selling week after week that it’s on the market, we actually bring “fear” in the mix! Remember it the Law of Attraction, what you think is what you get! So if you are fearful or worried, this is the energy you are exuding and the house will continue to stay on the market.
  2. Letting the Memories Go! –Many times the reason the house is not selling is because someone in the house is so attached to the house and the memories. When this happens, this is when a person is exuding the energy of the love of the house and can’t let go. So instead of the thoughts of selling the house in that persons mind becomes the thoughts of losing the house! Again, it’s the Law of Attraction!
  3. Buy a Saint Joseph Statue – One of the things I tell clients is to buy a St. Joseph statue and put it upside down in the ground of the property of the house. I know this may sound silly but it DOES work. I am not Catholic but I love things from other cultures or religions! St. Joseph will help to release the old energy and the house will then sell. You can buy one at a local Catholic Church.
  4. Make an Affirmation – Another thing you can do is write an Affirmation. When you write down on a piece of paper that you “sold the house” in the time frame you are wanting, this tells the Universe it is a done deal and it will happen. Write it down and say it verbally, out loud, with feeling. Then continue to verbally say it several times a day with feeling and KNOW it will sell!

Lastly, when looking to sell a house or property make sure you are not holding on to old energy! Changing your perspective of leaving the old for the new is the way to go! New shift of energy creates a new place to live, old perspective keeps you in that old energy. So what are you going to do? Let go and release for the new to come or keep holding on to something with no change in sight? It’s your choice as always! Good Luck on selling your house or property!