Today I wanted to touch on “Seeing Love and Joy in All Situations.” Lately I have had several clients that I have been giving this message to. What does this mean? When I tell clients to “see love and joy in all situations” this means that they need to raise their vibrations and give gratitude’s to the Universe. There are all times in our lives when things get a bit “grey” and not so “sunny” which lowers our vibration because of this. When our vibration is lowered its not attracting all the positive and wonderful blessings of abundance that one can receive. Also we are not being thankful for all the blessings that one does have in their lives! I tell clients to be thankful for a place to stay. Be thankful for food to eat. Be thankful for just seeing the sun today. By being grateful for these things like these, this helps to raise our vibrations to a positive one! Gratitude’s to the Universe return 10 fold to us in more blessings than you can think of! The Universe always wants to give us more abundance than what we can fathom, however the issue is we block it from happening. Usually this is not intentional, but we hinder ourselves from receiving the abundance when we are thinking at a lower vibration. Thoughts of inadequacy, worry, sadness, worthiness or just being in a “funk” lower our vibration. So how do we change this and stop blocking the abundance? Change your thoughts to a positive one and give gratitude’s!!! It is truly this simple! Another thing you can do is to play music to get your vibration higher too! So, the next time you are feeling down or grey, what will you do? Will you continue to lower your vibration and be in the downward spiral?  Or will you change your thoughts to be positive and give gratitude’s? Remember the choice is yours and abundance awaits!