I want you to think back the last week, month or year, what has your mindset been? Has it been more of a scarcity mindset or a growth mindset? If you are not sure which type of mindset that you have been thinking, look at these traits. In a scarcity mindset you feel that you are missing out, poverty stricken, lack the resources, or you are trying to hold on to anything that you have because of fear of it being taken from you! If you are in a growth mindset, you feel that you can achieve what you want, things just flow, abundance of any kind just comes in! Now if you answered a scarcity mindset it is time to change it to become a growth mindset! When your mind thinks of “lack” you bring in more lack! When you think of “growth” you bring in more growth!
Here are some ways to change your mindset to growth!
1. Change your thoughts! Think of all the ways abundance is coming to you! This can be money coming in, more time, patience, better health etc. It’s the Law of Attraction what you think is what you get! If you think scarcity, you get scarcity!
2. Think Positive! When you have positive thought’s, you create more positivity in your life!
3. Change Your Words! Pay attention to your what you are saying! You may be trying to be positive but when you speak, your words are not coming out that way!
4. Stop Complaining! When you complain of things you receive more of what you don’t want!
5. Give Gratitude’s! Thank the Universe for what you do have! This in turn, brings in more to you!
6. Stop Trying to Hold on to Things! Don’t try to hold onto things because it blocks you from receiving good things from coming in!
7. Ask Yourself! Start by asking yourself questions such as, what do I want to achieve? Or how can I grow more? Maybe you want more schooling or training. Or maybe you need to research or practice in a subject! Whatever it is, trying and break this down to smaller steps to allow for growth. To demonstrate, if you are needing more time in your life, look at your schedule and pencil in time for you as an appointment! The more you do is, the more time you will have!
8. What Are Your Goals? Figure out your goals! Ask yourself where I want to be in the next 6 months or year! What do I want to achieve in the next 5 years? Once you know this you can start to work on bringing this in!
9. What is my Life Purpose or Dreams? Think back to your dreams as a child growing up, what did you want to do? Ask yourself now, what is my life purpose and go down that direction, that is where your passion lies.

Lastly, once you start to change your mindset to growth, more growth will come in! Yes, it is that easy! So, now that you know, what are you going to do to grow?