Scarcity and abundance are opposite ways to attract in what you want in Earth school. When we are living in scarcity, we are holding on so tight to things, thus cutting off the flow to come into you. This is like putting a dent in your hose. If you are living in abundance, you are allowing the Universe to free flow whatever you are manifesting to come in easily. Take a moment to think about which one you are using now. If I asked you, “Are you living a life of scarcity or abundance?” What would you say? For me, I would say “abundance.” Things are always flowing in and coming to me without too much effort. I do want to point out that I do have times when I might “put the dent in the hose” and think “scarcity.” So, this is a work in progress, but I try to catch my thoughts and change them quickly. To demonstrate, I had my car in the shop to get repaired and the cost was a few hundred dollars. I was thinking, that I must cut back on my spending because of this cost. However, a bit later I changed that thought and knew the Universe would provide for me and abundance and more money will flow in. As soon as I changed that thought, I had someone call me to schedule an appointment! The Universe was showing me that they will provide, if I let go and trust! So, I ask you again, are you living from a place of scarcity or abundance? Remember, this is something easy to change if it is a place of scarcity, start to change those thoughts because it can change your life!