I have blogged about how to sage your home, however I wanted to blog about saging yourself too! Just like in our environment in our home, sometimes we too have things that can bring our vibrations down or we have things that gets stuck on us. This not only makes us feel yucky but sometimes it could even be where you are getting more emotional, upset or even angry. Out of nowhere you are wondering “Why do I feel this way? You are not crazy, it just means you tapped into a lower vibrational energy and now it is in your aura field. Sometimes it might take you a few days to even figure it out before you realize you have the “yuck” stuck on you! The easiest way to get rid of the “yuck” is to sage yourself.

How to Sage Yourself

Saging yourself is very easy and simple. Get some white sage and lit it and then blow out the flame so that you see smoke from it. Use the smoke and go around your entire body with this. Think of this as if you were lying down and you drew a line of chalk around your entire body from your head to your feet, that is what you are saging. I call this the “outline of you!” Sage your entire outline, then sage around your heart and back and when you done, then put the sage out, so it is not burning anymore! I also want to note that you can also do this for your pets too! If they are a bit irritable, then sage them too! Remember just our pets can attract things in just like you can as we are all just energy! Finally, if you are feeling a bit funky and things have been a bit off, then I recommend you sage yourself. This process takes just a few minutes and you can feel immediately the change of energy shifting and a weight being lifted off. Try it, you will be amazed at how much lighter things will be and how your vibration raises too!