Today I wanted to blog about Universal patterns of designs we see in our lives. This is known “Sacred Geometry.”  Sacred geometry is the Universal patterns that are found in geometry and mathematics. It is an ancient science that “explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself.” The symbols that are sacred include: circle, triangle, square or 3 dimensional forms of “hedrons.” We can see these patterns in things like music, nature, light and architecture. Some examples of sacred geometry in nature would be: snowflakes, pine cones, spirals, water crystals snails or crystals.

How Does Sacred Geometry Assist You?

Sacred Geometry can assist you in many ways such as: healing, raising your vibration, spiritual awakening, or soul ascension. When you look at a sacred geometry pattern this can help to open doors on your spiritual path. It’s like the pattern helps you to “awaken” to see things in nature, your daily life or yourself. By focusing in on the sacred pattern this can unlock things within self!

Working with Sacred Geometry

Since you now know about the sacred patterns, start looking for them. When you embark on them, focus in on the pattern and see how it makes you feel or think. Notice how your energy feels when focusing in on the pattern. Another way i like to discover sacred geometry is to call upon Archangel Metatron to assist me in finding the patterns. With his help, I find it easier to see these sacred patterns.  Another way I use too look for sacred geometry is to find “Mandalas.” A mandala is a picture, or photography that uses sacred geometry to represent Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. Each mandala has a different pattern and meaning to the symbolism such as healing, clearing  chakras, forgiveness, peace or love. When you focus in on the pattern it helps to unlock that doorway on your path. Finally, by using the patterns of sacred geometry this can help you become awaken on your journey in life. The powerful patterns enlighten ones soul and can also help to heal oneself. Start using these wonderful patterns as tools in your life.  Remember the more you look at the pattern the more it will assist you! Try one and see what happens in your life!