We all need rest and relaxation in our lives. It is important for all of us to take a break and just enjoy life. The definition of rest and relaxation “is the cessation of work, exertion, or activity which could result into peace, ease, relief from disturbance, mental & emotional tranquility and healing. Rest is necessary to restore vigor to the body because most diseases are caused by or made worse by stress.” When we relax and rest, we are helping both our physical and mental health. This helps us to de-stress, nourishes our health, and rejuvenates our bodies. Having rest and relaxation is vital for the soul. Our minds, hearts, and bodies become refilled, we are fueling the soul. The problem is we get so inundating in life that we forget to rest and relax. We forget that we are a “being” on Earth that is supposed to enjoy life and its lessons and experiences. Our human mindset clouds our thinking and we work, work, work and we forget about the soul and the “playing” part of life. When we recognize that living on Earth is also to enjoy the experiences, the beauty with in life, is when we start to “live”. When we “live,” this is incorporating a balance of rest and relaxation in our daily lives.  So, if you haven’t been taking time for yourself with some rest and relaxation, make that change now. When you do, you will see the importance of how it will refill your soul and assist your mental and physical body. Remember, it is a balance for your soul, not only the importance of work, but also just as important as it is to play!