With Christmas just a few days away, I am reflecting on what is most important during this joyous season. Family, friends and love are the most important and some might add the birth of Jesus if you come from the religious background. Too often we are bogged down with things that are not important and we are in the midst of the hustle and bustle, decorating, getting a certain gift or just plain overwhelmed trying to get everything done. When this happens we forget what this holiday is really about. Then for other people, it is actually going through the tough times of missing loved ones who have passed and are not here to celebrate with us. I have always reflected on this thought each year with the song “Have a Merry Little Christmas.” In one of the lines of the lyrics it says “If the Fates Allow” and I always felt this was so poignant. This year especially, as I have lost a loved one recently and it rings so true. We are here on Earth School for just a short amount of time. I actually just saw the movie “Collateral Beauty” with Will Smith, this movie is very spiritual. What is so interesting is that the movie’s plot is about looking through the lens of oneself regarding time, love and death. When you actually look at these pieces in your life, it shows you want is really important. We are not guaranteed time, it is all about loving self and others and finally we are only here for a blink of an eye. So I ask you “What are the most important things for YOU during this Christmas?”