Many clients ask me what they can do to raise their vibration energetically. What does this mean? When you are consciously elevating your energy or vibration to more positive states, more positive things come to you! To demonstrate, if you are thinking today is going to be a great day, you have automatically raised your vibration to expect a great day. Your energy level is on that frequency so to speak!

Here are some ways to Raise Your Vibration:

  1. Listen to Music- Turn on the music and sing and dance and get the energy flowing!
  2. Meditate-Tune inwards and feel your vibration rise.
  3. Use Essential Oils-Smelling oils raises your energy.
  4. Light Candles-Light a candle and let your worries melt away.
  5. Change your Thinking to Positive Thoughts-Think positive thoughts to bring positive results.
  6. Use Affirmations– Write or say affirmations to state clearly what you are wanting.
  7. Get Outside-Be outside in nature and breath the fresh air or hug a tree.
  8. Get or Give Healing-Get or give reiki or energy healing.
  9. Use Crystals– Use crystals to raise your vibration.
  10. Visualize-Imagine your vibration raising.
  11. Clean the ClutterClean the clutter out of your house, mind, relationships or health.
  12. Breathe-Take deep breaths to raise your vibration and energy.